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Ofsted - Good and Outstanding

The following statements are taken from recent Ofsted reports, where schools have been judged to be Good or Outstanding.

These schools/academies are OUTSTANDING because:

Hutchinson Memorial CE VA First, Checkley (12th-13th July 2016)
  • Excellent leadership at this school brings out the best in everyone.
  • The headteacher sets high standards for herself and others. She provides calm, well-informed and purposeful direction and energy that has steered this school upwards to many significant successes.
  • Academic standards in reading, writing and mathematics are high in all year groups. Year on year, pupils make excellent progress in each class.
  • Regardless of background or ability, all pupils do very well and get the chance to shine. Disadvantaged pupils often do better than other pupils nationally. Pupils who have special education needs and/or disabilities get high effective support and the most able pupils soar to some remarkable heights in their learning.
  • The standard of pupils' written work in several different subjects is excellent.
  • The quality of teaching in all subjects is consistently strong. It meets pupils' learning needs with ambitious precision.
  • Whether they begin in the Nursery or Reception Year, children get off to a great start in the early years class. They make rapid gains in all areas of learning and are exceptionally well prepared for learning in the years ahead.
  • Pupils' behaviour is exemplary. They are polite to one another, respectful to adults and show keen interest in their lessons.
  • Attendance at school is above average and lateness is rare. Pupils arrive at school looking smart and are ready to learn.
  • Pupils say they fell very safe and happy at school. This shows in their confident, mature demeanour and supportive attitudes towards others.
  • The governors have a detailed understanding of the school's performance and are always looking for ways to build further on the school's many achievements. Consequently, the school has gone from strength to strength.
  • Parents are very supportive of the school's work. All of the parents who responded to Parent View would recommend this school to other families. Several parents described the school as 'fantastic'. Inspection evidence supports this view.
  • School leaders and staff are superb role models for the youngsters at this school. They help pupils to understand the value of hard work and perseverance. They also demonstrate the importance of honesty, integrity and concern for others.
  • Pupils are equipped with positive attitudes and values that help them make the most of the many opportunities the school provides. When they leave at the end of year 4, pupils are extremely well prepared for the next step in their education. The foundations laid at this school will support them very well in their future lives.
Forsbrook CE VC Primary, Stoke-on-Trent (17th-18th May 2016)
  • The school is exceptionally well led. Leaders and managers have established a positive and ambitious culture in which pupils thrive.
  • The co-headteachers, supported by the assistant headteacher, the staff and the governors, have taken effective action to improve the school.
  • High-quality teaching over time has ensured that pupils have made rapid progress in a range of subjects.
  • Disadvantaged pupils make accelerated progress in the school. Their attainments is higher than that of other pupils nationally.
  • The most able pupils make rapid progress in the school. Their attainment is higher than that of other pupils nationally.
  • The provision for pupils who have special educational needs or disability is of the highest quality. This means that they make strong progress from their starting points.
  • The quality of the early years provision is exceptional. Children of all abilities make accelerated progress as a result of teaching of the highest quality in the Reception class.
  • The curriculum is broad and balanced and offers a variety of learning experiences which interest and engage pupils.
  • Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness is developed extremely well as this is a fundamental part of the school's Christian ethos.
  • British values are  promoted most effectively. Pupils are well prepared for life in modern Britain.
  • Pupils are polite, considerate and respectful. Their behaviour inside and outside of the classroom is of a high standard.
  • Attendance is above the national average. Most pupils have excellent attendance.
  • The arrangements for safeguarding are effective. Pupils are taught how to be safe and feel safe.
  • The primary school physical education and sport premium is used exceptionally well to promote active lifestyles and sporting excellence.
  • Parents are extremely supportive of the work of the school. They believe that their children are well taught, that they make good progress and that communication with the school is of a high quality.
  • Governance is strong. Governors have a wide range of experience, knowledge and understanding to hold leaders to close account.
  • As they strive for excellence, leaders plan to improve their strong systems for analysing pupil behaviour and achievement.
Oxon CE VC Primary, Shrewsbury (12th-13th May 2016)
  • The headteacher provides outstanding and visionary leadership. He has been determined and successful in providing the very best teaching.
  • The headteacher is extremely well supported by the deputy headteacher and other leaders who share his commitment to providing the very best for pupils across the school.
  • Pupils make outstanding progress from their starting points. The very large majority of pupils reach or exceed age-related standards in reading, writing and mathematics.
  • The youngest children get off to an excellent start in the reception classes as a result of outstanding teaching, strong leadership and highly effective support for children and families.
  • Teachers receive excellent support and training from leaders. This has led to considerable improvements and outstanding teaching.
  • Pupils reach high standards by the end of KS1. There have been significant improvements to teaching so that pupils make good progress in Year 1. However, pupils could still be doing better by building on the excellent start made in early years.
  • The curriculum is a real strength of the school and is enriched by an extensive programme of creative and performing arts and sport.
  • The staff provide exceptional care, teaching and support for disadvantaged pupils who achieve as well as others across the school.
  • Teachers' assessments and well-planned support, ensure that pupils who have special educational needs or disability make outstanding progress.
  • Leaders have devised helpful assessment systems as part of the revised national curriculum without levels. They recognise that further refinements and adjustments to assessments are needed to maintain standard pupils' current progress.
  • Leaders and staff place a strong emphasis on the school's core values which successfully promote tolerance, respect for others and outstanding behaviour.
  • The teaching and curriculum provided are successful in promoting pupils' outstanding spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Pupils are very well prepared for the next stage in their education and for life in modern Britain.
  • The school goes above and beyond what is required to ensure the pupils are safe.
  • Governance is strong. Governors share the headteacher's high aspirations. They are skilled, knowledgeable and rigorous in holding leaders to account.
St Michael's CE VC Primary, Pelsall (4th-5th May 2016)
  • The headteacher, supported by a team of dedicated, capable and experienced leaders, has pursued excellence in every aspect of the school's provision. This has resulted in important improvements to the quality of pupils' education since the previous inspection. Consequently, the overall effectiveness of the school is outstanding. Pupils thrive in their academic and personal achievements.
  • Pupils' outcomes are outstanding. By the time pupils leave the school at the end of KS2, they achieve standards that are well above the national average. This is because they make substantial progress across the school.
  • Leaders, teachers and adults work relentlessly to improve the learning and progress of every pupil.
  • Pupils read exceptionally well. Effective teaching of phonics ensures that pupils quickly develop their skills in reading and writing and continue to develop them as they move through the school.
  • Teaching is outstanding. Teachers inspire pupils to produce work of the highest standards. Highly effective assessment practices ensure that pupils make substantial progress in their knowledge, skills and understanding throughout the school.
  • An outstanding curriculum, underpinned by the school's powerful ethos, promotes pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development exceptionally well. Pupils enjoy a wealth of stimulating learning opportunities, including playing musical instruments and participation in choral and drama performance, which contribute strongly to their personal development.
  • Pupils' behaviour is outstanding. Pupils demonstrate extremely positive attitudes to learning in class and conduct themselves in an exemplary manner around the school. They communicate eloquently what they need to do to improve their learning and are highly motivated to do this.
  • Children in the early years make outstanding progress. Effective leadership and a stimulating curriculum ensures that a much higher than average proportion of pupils reach age-related expectations by the end of Reception.
  • Governors know the school well and are very effective in the way that they support and challenge the school to improve further.
  • Parents have very positive views about their children's progress and welfare at school.

These schools/academies are GOOD because:

Cockshutt CE VC, Ellesmere (6th July 2016)
  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection. Staff, leaders and governors have created a culture that values pupils' work and contributions and are very committed to the school's mission statement, 'To provide quality education for all, for life.' You provide strong and effective leadership and continue to forge positive links with the church and local community, as well as effective partnerships with other schools in the local network. The staff plan a creative and varied curriculum that interests and enlivens pupils and has a very positive effect on their academic and personal development.
  • Parents are pleased with the way staff look after and nurture their children in a safe and caring school community. There is a very strong commitment to pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. Like all parents I spoke to during the inspection, one reflected the views of others by stating, 'Since being at the school my child has grown in confidence and has developed a love of learning. The school has had a large part to play in this.' Parents are right; pupils love coming to the school and enjoy learning, which is also reflected in high attendance rates.
  • You and the governing body are committed to continuous improvement. The teaching is effective and continues to improve. The professional development of teachers and support staff has strengthened teaching further.
  • You and your governors have secures some key appointments in recent years, including that of the very competent deputy headteacher who leads by her very good example in the classroom. You and the deputy headteacher lead from the front so that best practice is shared across the school and within the local network of schools.
  • Provision for children in the early years remains strong. The governing body expanded provision since the previous inspection to include provision for two-year-old children in the Nursery together with three-year-olds. The combination of both extended before- and after- school provision, ensures that the early years now offers parents good choices of part-time and full-time education and care. You and the early years teacher manage provision very well and include flexible arrangements for parents to choose whether they wish their Nursery children to have full-time or part-time arrangements which can be modified according to the children's and parent's needs. The parents I spoke to expressed high levels of satisfaction which has built upon the strong provision reported at the time of the previous inspection.



St Mary's CE VA First, Uttoxeter (9th-10th June 2016)
  • The single-minded determination of the headteacher, other school leaders and the governing body has rapidly improved the quality of teaching and raised pupils' achievement. Consequently, both are now good.
  • Pupils achieve well from their starting points. More pupils are attaining outcomes above what is expected for their age by the end of Year 4. They are well prepared for their learning in Year 5.
  • Most teachers provide interesting and motivating lessons. Pupils learn well as a result.
  • The early years provision is good. There has been a sustained improvement in children's outcomes. They are now well prepared for the challenges in Year 1.
  • Pupils' personal development and behaviour are outstanding. They are excellent ambassadors for the values the school holds.
  • Pupils are friendly, kind, respectful and thoughtful to each other and adults. Their attitudes to learning are considerably positive.
  • The school is a happy, caring, inclusive place to learn. Pupils are extremely well cared for, feel very safe and thrive.
  • Governance has improved significantly. Governors are knowledgeable about their role and provide effective challenge and support to school leaders.
  • The school has a strong partnership with its parents and carers. The overwhelming majority are positive about all aspects of the school's work.



St Mary and St Chad CE VC First, Brewood (17th May 2016)
  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school since the last inspection.
  • Under your leadership, the school has strengthened its position as a good school. Since taking on the role of headteacher in 2014, you have gained the trust, respect and confidence of pupils, staff, parents and governors.
  • The quality of teaching continues to be effective, with some pockets of excellence. In particular, the early years provision stands out as a model of superb practice. Other notable strengths include the quality of teamwork across the school, pupils' achievements in reading, and the use of the primary school sports fund to promote healthy, active lifestyles and participation in sport.
  • The pupils behave very well and treat one another with courtesy and respect. They show interest in learning and describe many aspects of school life with animated excitement. The parents praised the quality of teaching, learning and care in the school.
Oakmeadow CE VC Primary, Shrewsbury (4th-5th May 2016)
  • The inspirational headteacher, ably supported by other senior leaders, provides highly effective leadership and works with governors to drive school improvement forward. Together, they have secured rapid improvements since the last inspection and developed a strong culture for good teaching and learning across the school.
  • Teaching has improved and is now good. Consequently, pupils' outcome are good and rising rapidly across the school. Pupils are well prepared for the next stage of their education.
  • Progress and attainment in writing have increased rapidly because of the carefully planned approach to teaching.
  • Pupils are courteous, respectful and friendly. Their conduct around the school is excellent.
  • Children get off to a very rapid start in early years, where they are very well taught and supported by all the adults who work with them.
  • Since the previous inspection, the governing body has taken effective actions to hold the school to account and improve the quality of teaching and outcomes for pupils.
  • The school is successful in creating a safe and secure environment where pupils recognise that everyone has their welfare at heart. Staff provide strong pastoral care to promote pupils' welfare effectively. Safeguarding is highly effective.
  • Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is a strength of the school. Pupils enjoy opportunities to undertake positions of responsibility in the school.  


St Michael's CE VA Primary, Penkridge (4th May 2016)
  • The leadership team has maintained the good quality of education in the school sine the last inspection.
  • You, the staff and governors successfully promote the school's aims of creating an environment where pupils are safe and happy and where pupils enjoy learning. 'I believe that my child is being nurtured and educated in a manner which is shaping him into a well-rounded and independent individual' and 'the school has a very caring ethos and staff are always happy to address any question or concern you might have' are just a few of the typical views expressed by parents.
  • You and other senior leaders have provided new and existing staff with appropriate training. The support is having a beneficial impact on pupils' learning. Work in pupils' books is showing that pupils are making good progress over time. During our visits to classes, pupils had a clear understanding of what they were expected to learn by the end of the lesson and how long they had to complete their task. We also observed teachers using questions well to challenge and move pupils' learning forward.
  • The actions senior leaders have taken to accelerate pupils' achievement in mathematics have proved successful. Staff plan mathematical activities that encourage pupils to use their previous learning to investigate and solve suitably challenging problems.
  • The governing body took over the management of the on-site nursery. They manage this provision well. Governors have appointed a nursery manager and they also asked the teacher of the reception class to oversee improvements in the nursery. This teacher has successfully helped the nursery manager to establish appropriate systems for recording the achievements of the children and to reorganise the classroom and outdoor learning areas. The reception teacher is proposing to share effective practice with the nursery staff so that they can continue to refine the activities they plan for children of different abilities.  


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